Sunday, 31 March 2013


Aku seorang yang PEMALAS.

Malas untuk berfikir.
Malas untuk bermula.
Malas untuk meneruskan.
Malas untuk... Segalanya mungkin?

Dan pemalas ini bukan sifat orang beriman.

Aku kira inilah JAHILIYAH terbesar aku.
Inilah jahiliyah PALING DEGIL untuk dibuang bersih.

Ahhh. Nampaknya perlu baca mathurat lebih khusyuk.
Supaya doa "اللهم انا أعوذ بك من العجز والكسل" lebih banyak peluang untuk dimakbulkan.

*dush2!* eh. Lebam pipi.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Tahniah Kaklong a.k.a. Nur Farhana Lukmanulhakim.

"Kaklong sangat tak puas hati. Semua result kaklong kureng.." ujar Kaklong suatu hari. Aku pandang dia.

"UPSR Kaklong ada 1B. PMR Kaklong pun A tak penuh, ada 1B juga. SPM, lagilah.." sambung Kaklong.

"Sebab tu Kakngah kena dapat lebih dari Kaklong. UPSR Kakngah 5A. PMR Kakngah semua A. SPM ni pun, Kakngah kena dapat lebih dari Kaklong."

Beberapa ketika sebelum itu, aku mengadu kepada Kaklong, mampukah aku menghadapi SPM. Seperti tak terkejar jadual belajar yang aku rangka. Mampu ke aku sampai target 12A yang aku sendiri tentukan.

"Kaklong tahu Kakngah boleh." Ayat yang mengakhiri sesi motivasi dua minit petang itu.

Terima kasih. Dibantu kata-kata semangat yang sedikit tapi seberat gunung itu, aku mampu usaha sehabis daya. Dapat keputusan yang baik dalam SPM, dan mendapat peluang belajar perubatan di JUST. Alhamdulillah.

photo taken few hours before my first flight to Jordan in September 2009. with Kaklong (centre) and Nadia (left). can you see their genuine happiness for me, in those eyes? I barely noticed them couple of minutes ago :') [or is that happiness for my year-long-absence?]


Hari ini, Kaklong menerima Ijazah Sarjana Muda Radiografi dan Pengimejan Diagnostik (Kepujian), juga Anugerah Pelajar Terbaik bagi kursus Radiografi. Ucapan tahniah ikhlas dari sudut hati Kakngah yang paling dalam =)

Kaklong, you've accomplished such a great achievement. I don't know if I could reach higher this time, or even the very same level. May Allah ease and bless your next phase of life, afterwards, forever.

Thursday, 12 July 2012



soalan minggu ini: "Apa mujahadah terbesar sekarang ya?"

terkesima dua minit.
seminit pertama berfikir, jarang aku nampak ujian-ujian untuk mujahadah yang Dia bagi sebagai satu halangan yang perlu aku 'lulus'kan, supaya aku boleh maju ke hadapan.

minit kedua aku fikir, "alamak. banyaknya godaan yang aku tak terlawan" i.e. sangat kurang sifat mujahadah aku. kebanyakan bisikan jahat yang datang aku raikan, tiada pun yang aku tolak masak-masak, apatah lagi tolak mentah. errr -.-''

macam mana iman mahu terbina? hati hanya boleh diisi salah satu dari Haq atau Thagut. tidak akan boleh dua-dua mengisi hati yang satu.

kata-kata seorang alim, "sakitnya disiplin lebih baik dari sakitnya sesalan".

lawanlah. teruskan mujahadahmu. Dia sentiasa memahami susahnya untuk lari dari Thagut yang kamu biasa itu.

(credit of the pix to the owner)

waAllahu a3lam.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Tips untuk Pelajar ^^


Saya dengan ini, berbesar hati mahu berkongsi tips belajar cemerlang, seperti yang telah dikongsi oleh Encik Lukmanulhakim bin Ahmad sebentar tadi, livestream terus Malaysia-Jordan :D

Pelajar-pelajar perlu tahu apakah keadaan terbaik untuk mengoptimumkan kapasiti otak menyimpan maklumat secara pukal (kalau belajar minit akhir) dan tersimpan lama. antara yang boleh dilakukan..

(1) amalkan minum air kosong sebanyak mungkin. jangan kerap minum air berkarbonat!

seperti yang selalu dipesan-pesan, 8-12 gelas sehari~

(2) hidupkan sunnah pemakanan Rasulullah, seperti makan kurma, kismis, minum madu, dan sebagainya.

(3) kurangkan mengambil makanan yang telah diproses. contohnya, gantikan roti putih dengan roti gandum. daripada anda mengulum gula-gula apabila mengantuk belajar, lebih baik bancuh teh/kopi.

(4) kurangkan makanan berlemak/berminyak.

alamak. makanan kegemaranku..

hurrr, apa lagi?

oh sebelum terlupa, Encik Lukmanulhakim memetik tips-tips ini daripada buku Dr Muhaya yang tajuknya sudah  saya lupa. maafkan saya (_ _'')

tapi kenapa semua tips berkaitan makanan? haha.

selamat beramal!

inilah encik Lukmanulhakim bin Ahmad (beserta isteri, Noor Rehan Abd Rani). bagai pinang dibelah dua bukan? XD

could never be thankful enough. Ayah, jeongmal saranghae!!!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Stop Talk Rubbish.

Bismillah arRahman arRaheem

Sometimes we talk but we don't mean it.
Always we speak and we forget it.

Well yeah I know. It's my fault. There's no one to be blamed.

I intended to become better, I made my resolution.

I said that I will definitely try harder, that nothing will distract me from my goal.
I planned and arranged and find some motivation.

But then, in the end, I did nothing. My effort stayed the same.
So don't expect something spectacular happens.

"To will is to select a goal, determine a course of action that will bring one to that goal, and then hold to that action till the goal is reached. The key is action."

 Now there's no turning back. I will never regret.

It's just that i don't know how to face them whom i love. I talk so much about how I will change, how I will try this and that. Yet the result shows it was a rubbish talk.

Oh God. I don't think my words are worth a thing anymore.

i should just talk less and try, yeah, i will try, moving forward silently.

Being optimist and being over-confident is just two different thing.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

His Will

Bismillah ArRahman ArRaheem

Haven't update the blog for soooo long. If only  Nil.River.Nation was a person, i guess she'll high-kick me to the sun upon seeing me, for making her waiting eternally. Ahaha.

okay, enough bluffing.

there's a BIG MATTER i need to tell you!

[If you're not ready to read some serious issues, please help yourself by go surfing elsewhere.]

Once there was a wise man, an mu'allim, he realized the worst-case-scenario had happened in our UMMAH in 1924. The line of khulafa', our leader, the leadership system that should bring the ummah as ONE MUSLIM UMMAH, has broken. This khulafa' line shattered into pieces and no one realized it!
This wise man became so worried so he started to give talks about current condition of ummah. He was named 
Imam Sheikh Hassan al-Banna.
purposely i put the sketch one. =)

Well this and that happened, he was prisoned, then he was released, he gave talks and lessons again, being prisoned again, the cycle continues. [His life is a worthy story too, i'll write about them later insyaAllah].

Before he left this world, so he left his musleem brothers [and sisters too] -whom he loved so much- a will, that hopefully would restore the glory of muslimeen once fulfilled:

  1. Keep salah early. Don't delay them without reason.
  2. Don't talk bad behind others, be it of a person, a race, a group or else.
  3. Keep your voice tone low and appropriate, for high voices usually irritate the heart.
  4. Read al-Quran often, search for the meanings. This mu'jizat is meant to be our manual of life immediately from the Great Creator.
  5. Try to talk in Arabic [fushah]. This is one of the sunnah and the language of Quran.
  6. Arrange your time wisely and be efficient, since our responsibilities is always a lot more than the time we have.
  7. Get to know as many musleems as you can, because one of the basic of da'wah is taaruf and loving each other.
  8. Don't laugh much. Excessive laughter cloud your heart.
  9. Cut the jokes. A serious working musleem should not making fun of anything.
  10. Don't bicker for small thing, such absurd act will not bring peace to anyone.

This will may look as if hard to achieve fully, but this is the symbolic ummah Rasulullah himself built during his time. This IS the 'khayrun ummah' mentioned in al-Quran [3:110]. 


[Sahih International]
You are the best nation produced [as an example] for mankind. You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah . If only the People of the Scripture had believed, it would have been better for them. Among them are believers, but most of them are defiantly disobedient.

This is the essential ummah that can bring Islam back to the rightful place, 
The World Order.

So, before you grumbles about how bad your community-around were, why don't you starts changing yourself?

[please pardon my poor english. ehehe]

Thursday, 27 October 2011

stop being passive.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Most Merciful.

tonight i went to a talk, organized by PERMAI, the students' community here in Irbid. we were discussing about HIMPUN which quite a big issue in Malaysia about two/three weeks ago.

overall its nice, i had to say. we got the opportunity to hear personal views from two respected persons among students here, in a serious, professional way. six audiences managed to speak out their mind of the matter, too. unintentionally, it would make somebody without a stand of the issue think, "oh, these are the views of people around me. what about me? am i even think about it before, at all?"

but then, too long comments from the moderators (yeah, he's good, he had the points, but explanations too much), plus we started late, thus time was cut short.

and i seriously think we missed the main points doing the open talk.

we need to realize what kind of community we have to face when we return. after know those issues, make up our mind, what should we do actually? what are our roles, to reverse the situation happening? make up our mind, and pray no one will come to try convert us? protect ourselves, is it enough?

murtad issue, aqidah issue, 'islam as contitution's religion' matter, whatever happens now, in fact indirectly yelling us musleem to do one thing. STOP BEING PASSIVE MUSLEEMS!

be proactive, start feeding your soul, don't let them starving, for healthy soul will produce good musleems. set your goal in life, read more, be serious, think big, aim high, gain experiences. don't just focus on your physical, or emotions, or brain. to balance those three elements of a human, you must have a strong, well-build soul.

and one thing for any who did not know, SOUL'S MAIN DIET IS TARBIYYAH. tarbiyah is a must meal!

waallahu a'lam.. =)