Thursday, 27 October 2011

stop being passive.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Most Merciful.

tonight i went to a talk, organized by PERMAI, the students' community here in Irbid. we were discussing about HIMPUN which quite a big issue in Malaysia about two/three weeks ago.

overall its nice, i had to say. we got the opportunity to hear personal views from two respected persons among students here, in a serious, professional way. six audiences managed to speak out their mind of the matter, too. unintentionally, it would make somebody without a stand of the issue think, "oh, these are the views of people around me. what about me? am i even think about it before, at all?"

but then, too long comments from the moderators (yeah, he's good, he had the points, but explanations too much), plus we started late, thus time was cut short.

and i seriously think we missed the main points doing the open talk.

we need to realize what kind of community we have to face when we return. after know those issues, make up our mind, what should we do actually? what are our roles, to reverse the situation happening? make up our mind, and pray no one will come to try convert us? protect ourselves, is it enough?

murtad issue, aqidah issue, 'islam as contitution's religion' matter, whatever happens now, in fact indirectly yelling us musleem to do one thing. STOP BEING PASSIVE MUSLEEMS!

be proactive, start feeding your soul, don't let them starving, for healthy soul will produce good musleems. set your goal in life, read more, be serious, think big, aim high, gain experiences. don't just focus on your physical, or emotions, or brain. to balance those three elements of a human, you must have a strong, well-build soul.

and one thing for any who did not know, SOUL'S MAIN DIET IS TARBIYYAH. tarbiyah is a must meal!

waallahu a'lam.. =)